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Duncan Neilson

Responsive coding, Mobile/tablet UI

Working exclusively on digital brands and Squarespace websites, I worked with The Beauty Shop to create and implement creative solutions through both design and code for multiple sites. One site in particular, Duncan Neilson Photography, is a portfolio site created to digitally house all the work from the photographer.

Responsive Solutions

For this project, I was tasked with implementing brand-aligned, code solutions to make the website responsive. I worked through multiple screen sizes to create tablet and mobile responsive solutions that supported the original desktop screen design.

Mobile and tablet responsive screens were created

Responsive UI

Actions, such as hover actions, do not translate when on a tablet or mobile device. To help visually align the actions when using a mouse with touch actions, I mocked up UI's that supported this task, choosing one that aligned the best and implementing it through code.

Diagnosing Issues

While combing through the entire site and comparing it to the desktop version, I cleaned up any code or elements that were negatively effecting the mobile design without impeding on the desktop version.

This site is live and kicking! You can view it at

Lead Designer: Denise Hernandez
Stuido: The Beauty Shop