ciera tague

DUG Campaign

Campaign branding, Design, Viewer engagement

An interactive campaign event, the DUG campaign aimed to connect a local organization that supports the arts to the broader community by lifting up and promoting the members of the organization.

About the Client

DUG (aka Deep Under Ground) is a platform for many artists to express themselves. Operating since January of 2015, this community is geared towards providing a healthy and safe environment that will unite the surrounding artistic community with different cultures/views in Portland. DUG serves a multitude of purposes—from networking, to performance opportunities, and artist promotion.

Project Goal

Since DUG is relatively new and a very grass-roots organization, they mostly live online. I proposed a campaign event with a physical set of materials that aimed to help spread their message and give the organization more community exposure.

A one sheet, postcard size mailer was created to send out to the community.
The Calendar of Events mailer folds out to include space promote and share the work of community members.

Campaign Event

DUG brings together the community through performance based events. It was only fitting that the campaign did the same. Through a proposed campaign event called “Vibe Around the City”, the community is invited to learn more about DUG space while also being exposed to new Portland-based artists.

To uphold DUG’s mission of projecting voices, sound graphics were used as a design element on the inside of the campaign envelope as well as location graphics on the map.
Performer bios and times can be found on the other side of the map.

Keeping People Engaged

Performances are the key to drawing people in, but I wanted to keep them familiar with the message. Instagram gifs were created to keep the original audience engaged and a ‘creative prompt book’ was created to keep the new audience engaged.


In addition to the graphics, specific color and typefaces helped to not only enforce the message of the organization but also bring it into the online realm.