ciera tague


UX, Integrated UI, Design strategy, Proof of concept

Utilizing the magnetometer, pedometer, and offline cache system already built into your iPhone, Breadcrumbs seeks to create an offline self-tracking system for nature explores and city goers alike. Created to seamlessly integrate into the UI Apple Maps, this feature includes acts as a backup for when internet access is unavailable. Breadcrumbs includes an upgraded compass calibration system, a alert system for offline travelers, and an offline tracking system.

Free yourself from data connection, find yourself wherever you are.

UI Integration/UX Research

To integrate the feature into Apple maps seamlessly, I had to study the current UI/UX. I went through the app, identifying and marking the UI/UX assets and asset states. This helped me a standard of how the look and user experience of Breadcrumbs would be.

After studying the current UI/UX, I then created user stories and personas that would influence the user path and experience of the feature.

User stories and personas helped me to identify to main categories of people: visiting city folk and forest trekkers.

This research helped me identify the specific needs that the feature would have to address.

Addressing User Needs

After identifying the two main types of people—visiting city folk and forest trekkers—I found that each had a specific need that could be included. For the visiting city folk, cross streets would need to be identified if location services were unknown both by technology and the user. For forest trekkers, the distance traveled and path taken would need to be easily accessed.


Through UI/UX and user reasearch, I was able to create a complete experience that used design and design strategy to create a complete digital experience specific for the app.